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The 12th Moon

MANIFEST IT BABE Shimmer Coconut Blend Candle

MANIFEST IT BABE Shimmer Coconut Blend Candle

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Natural Coconut Blend Candle!

Hand-Poured in small batches.

Crafted with Clean & Natural Ingredients & a Crackling Wooden Wick.

An intoxicating fruity parfum scent!

MANIFEST IT BABE : This scent features the following notes.

* This is a fruit blend reminiscent of parfum with a very slight floral undertone*

D E T A I L S:

- Natural Coconut Wax
- 5 oz pink metal container
- Crackling Wooden Wick
- Matching lid
- Wax will shimmer as it melts
- Acrylic label on top that makes this the cutest little trinket tin after your candle is burned all the way!

- Floral Detail has been added to this best seller** (flower type and color will vary from batch to batch- they will be pink or lavender florals)

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