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The 12th Moon



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A great alternative to incense sticks or bundles!

This kit includes everything you need to burn some loose incense and invite positive + a moment of stillness into your space.

Instructions on how to burn are right on the lid for ease of use!

D E T A I L S :
-Large Copper tin includes the following:
-A loose incense mixture made sustainably from our sage cuttings, we add lavender, dried flowers, and other loose herbs such as rosemary and eucalyptus.
It is a relaxing blend that smells incredible!
-Includes a small Abalone Shell to burn on
-A Vial of Matches
-A branded scooper for your loose botanicals
-A small charcoal disk should you need it for burning

*please always burn safely away from children and pets + never leave unattended*

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