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The 12th Moon

AQUARIUS Zodiac Crystal Magick Wands

AQUARIUS Zodiac Crystal Magick Wands

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Our lovely AQUARIUS Zodiac Crystal Magick Wand

✨A beautifully hand crafted crystal “Magick Wand” or pipe.

We have collaborated with crystal artisans to bring you our exclusive artwork engraved on these crystal pointed pipes.

Every pipe measures roughly 4” long and 1” wide at widest point but they will vary slightly as pictured. 

Please note we have upgraded our mesh filters to brass (gold color).

Each beautiful “Crystal Magick Wand” comes in a wooden storage box with a velvet bag for safe keeping & a bristle brush.

✨Choose from the following beautiful stones:


Stabilizes Mood.

Eases Transitions.

Aids in meditation & helps overcome fatigue.

Helps dreams become a reality.

Opens communication to the spirit world.

Zodiac: Cancer

Element: Water

Chakra: Crown



Stone of romantic love and self-love. Can be used to attract love.

Symbol of beauty.

Dispels anger, jealousy and resentment.

Helps to raise self-esteem and restore confidence.

One of the best crystals for positive self-affirmations.

Zodiac: Taurus & Libra

Element: Earth & Water

Chakra: Heart



A psychic protection stone.

Shields you from negative energy & psychic attack.

Absorbs & dispels negativity from the environment.

Removes harmful emotions.

Zodiac: Sagittarius & Scorpio

Element: Earth & Fire

Chakra: Root

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